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> Real raft action and related projects:

help wanted:
> the future-fleet
international collection / network for rafts, artificial islands and future-concepts.
> Have a look at the most interesting raft adventures
> Let us know about your raft project to be mentioned here.
> Map of the future-fleet now
> The future-islands will be realized in 2009 on Maschteich, Hanover - Germany
Kulturfloß > Construction of a raft as a floating stage
> See it in summer 2008 at Café Meereslauschen/Steinhude - Germany
> Details (german)
> Construction of a floating garden
Beneath the temporary open-air-hotel "Bett im Kornfeld" (homepage), you can see or join the construction of a floating garden as testing ground for all kinds of plants.
> 12.-29.7.2007 - KulturGut Poggenhagen - Neustadt a.Rbge - Germany
> Details (german)
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