The A.S.A.P.-island project.
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The A.S.A.P.-island project
Idea/Concept: > Let´s build an island together.
Sounds good to you?
German artist Joy and the association Positive Nett-Works e.V. decided to challenge the impossible, they want to realize an artificial island. And they invite you to join.

> Out of many possible constructions we will select the best one for each purpose.
- flexirafts and islands will form the bigger units such as agricultural islands or the common grounds of the growing asap-community
- sailing and motor-rafts are best for mobile-living and transportation, they also serve for cargo and new-positioning of the main island
- of the diving and flying rafts, only rough drafs exist yet...

> We´ll need lots of innovative tools, technologies and concepts to achieve our goals.
But most of them are already invented and available.
Have a look at our collection of tools and technologies here.

Timeline: > 2012 ...
With the "future-raft", 2000 and "future-islands", 2009 as prototypes and with a little help from our friends, the growing network and future-fleet, we´ll be ready to construct the "real thing" in 2012. Somewhere, where we are welcome, where we can help (decrease garbage through recycling designs; rescue platforms in flooded areas; touristic attraction; employment; ...) and where the conditions are suitable for the beginning of asap-island.
We´re curious, where this will be :-)
> 2011 Ready-Set-Go!
With new headquarter in Berlin, asap-island goes publc this summer!
Our promotion-Tour includes:
June, 28th: Rafting-Tour on the river Weser
June, 30th: Art-Exhibition at Comramo Gallery, Hanover
July, 1st-3rd: "Wallungen", Art Symposium, Hildesheim
July, 11th-22nd: i-land workshop (international youth), Algermissen
July, 29th-31st: i-land workshop, Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin
August, 1st: Beginning of Promotion tour on Berlin channels and rivers
August, 20th-21st: Kick-off event "asap-island" within "Über Lebenswelten"-festival, Berlin (planned)
> 2010
The "future-islands" are shifted to its permanent location at "Famileinpark Sottrum"/Lower Saxony, Germany. There, the future-islands are a major attraction for appr. 250.000 visitors/year and serve for our longterm studies, as our future-lab for floating gardens as well as for educational purposes.
> 2009
Presentation of floating "future-islands" on Maschteich, Hanover as an "integrated art" sculpture.
First ever floating festival at "Badeteich Hemmingen" in July
> 2008
The "Schwimmgarten" (floating garden) is our testing ground for the cultivation of all kinds of plants (natural, decorative, crop, maybe trees?)
> 2007
Construction of a small floating unit on the "Steinhuder Meer", Lower Saxony:
- The "Kulturfloß" (culture-raft) serves as a unique floating stage and jetty
> Details
> 2006
Start of future-fleet network
> 2003
Start of Positive News - eZine "PNYV"
> Homepage
> 2002
"Tour21" Hanover - Berlin with vessel "Vekoma 9" and raft "Dragon-egg"
> Details
> 2001
future-raft rebuilt on Mittelland-channel to cross Germany
> 2000
future-raft at world fair EXPO2000
> Details
> 1998-2000
Construction of "future-raft", Hanover, Germany
> 1997
Foundation of "Positive Nett-Works e.V.", Hanover, Germany
> 1994-96
eco-raft touring the east coast, USA

> 1992-94
Construction of "eco-raft", Key West, Florida

Contact: Positive Nett-Works e.V., Joy Lohmann