The future-fleet is on its way.
Have a look at the most interesting raft- and island-projects.
What is the future-fleet?

> So far, the future-fleet is our collection of contemporary raft-projects and artificial islands
We started building recycling-rafts in 1992 to raise awareness for ecological issues. Since then we´ve constructed several rafts in America and Germany in different techniques and different contexts.
Over the years, we got in touch with other raft designers, adventurers, artists, visionairies and some loveaeble eccentrics.
They all have a different motivation for their floating projects but they all have an enormous creativity and strength in common and it´s worth to assemble their objects, happenings and ideas for your inspiration and information.
The future fleet unites creativity and bravery of single persons or groups and presents succesful examples of realized dreams. The energy enablinig such projects is what our society needs most to meet the challenges of climate change.
So have fun, exploring the adventures of the worldwide future-fleet and explore the world through the future-fleet adventures.

Sorry, our frappr-map with a lot of positioned raft-projects crushed - but we´re fixing it asap.

> Let´s build an island together.
Sounds good to you?
German artist Joy and the association Positive Nett-Works e.V. decided to challenge the impossible, they are on the way to realize an artificial island... More

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