This site is dedicated to all adventurous raftermen, creative visionaries and active futureshapers.

Ancient utopias

Historical ideas

Contemporary concepts
There are many ideas of a better world floating around the globe. Some are realistic concepts or solutions for existing problems, others are pure utopias or fantastic visions, far away from realisation.
And some are just alternativ ideas of life, wich express themselves for example as just "building a raft", cruising a little bit or maybe living on it.
On this site, we collect and present interesting concepts and utopias for a better world as well as different projects
related to rafts and artificial islands.
As the sealevel is rising and will cause several severe problems in many regions of the world, there will be a huge demand for everything that floats. The bigger - the merrier.

Call us idealists or weirdos but this is our plan:

Firstly, we collect informations about existing rafts, artificial islands and all related topics and concepts. We call it the future-fleet and it´s full of creative adventurers on different missions and interesting artistic, educational or ecological projects.
Secondly, we build a huge and completely self-sustaining island together with volunteers, organisations and companies. Of course we start small with different constructions and projects to learn more about the whole subject area, but the goal is a floating habitat for people, animals and plants.
Finally, combined with a virtual community, this island will become an interdisciplinary platform for innovative products and concepts for sustainability and positive people from around the world.

Of course we don´t know, how long this all will take and how it will look like, BUT

Firstly, the oceans grow with the global warming anyway and many people will be happy to have extraspace as soon as possible.
Secondly, to study and discuss global ideas for a better world trains our creativity, hope and imagination for a sustainable way of life.
finally, its big fun to build a raft or even an island together with the most interesting people around the globe.

We call it ASAP-island, until it´s shape and concept becomes more visible...
Actually, we´re working on the
Project "future-island" at the Maschteich Hanover/Germany.
Have a look.

Informationen zum Integrated Art Projekt
"Zukunftsinsel" von Joy mit Positive Nett-Works e.V.:

Future visions
So let´s see, what we´ve found so far:

> rafts and islands
> concepts and ideas
> tools and technologies for asap island

And this is, what we are working on at the moment:

> future-islands project 2009
(Sorry - german only for instant)
This site is incomplete. Why don´t you join the project and help to realize this vision?
Contact: Positive Nett-Works e.V., Joy Lohmann