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Here, we collect the tools, techniques and concepts that can help to realize "asap-island" as soon as possible.

Many tools are needed to get such a project started
> Communication tools
> Presentation tools
> Construction tools
> Financing/funding tools
> Community- and gaming tools

Further Details and related links:
> Well, thanks to the Internet Evolution we can communicate globally in realtime and nearly free of costs. This is the real base for a project like asap-island.
There are a lot of different excellent products, but currently we´re using the following tools only (our specific adresses coming soon):
> Skype.com
> Wordpress.com
> Wikidot.com
> Flickr.com
> Frappr.com
> youtube.com
> Xing.com
> unyk.com
> rotaboard.com
> slideshare.net
> A major point, of course, is the financing of the process of conception, discussion, presentation and realisation of what ever we´ll come about with. As the asap island is meant to be an open, collaborative process, we focus on decentralized funding, which can include:
> Donations
> Sponsorships
> merchandize income
> participation fees

At some stages of the project we´ll need loaned extra capital. Therefore, we founded the Integrated Art Holding AG, a german-based stock corporation in 1996 (The first ever stock corporation as an art project).
Among other positive projects and products, the capital of the Integrated Art AG will finance the costly steps of asap island, as long as these will score additional income for the project (and proportionally to the shareholders of course).
Construction > Most of the construction tools we´ll need already exist. It will be a matter of inspiring the best experts, organisations and companies to join the project and help making it real: (Be sure, that the openminded, innovative and positive co-players will identify their individual or/and strategic benefit)
> Have a look at the technology-section to see what needs we have identified so far.
...to be continued...
Technologies: We´ll need lots of creative and committed friends as well as professional partners to realize asap-island. What about you? Your Organisation or company? Do you want to be a part of this adventure?
static + flexible floating constructions
> What are the best and sustainable floating modules/concepts/materials/constructions?
research + monitoring
tourism + education
fun + merchandizing
...to be continued...

What will asap-island be like, how will the people live on it?
Or better, should we just replicate the same bugs of the ruling systems on our new land?
Once asap becomes a real island with an increasing population instead of a collection of artistic rafts and island-construction ideas, we´ll have to decide, which kind of organisation and/or constitution we´ll give it. Within national territory, the possibilities are limited but imagine we could completely start new. What would be your first choice to make the difference, we need, real?

health + food
...to be continued...
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Contact: Positive Nett-Works e.V., Joy Lohmann